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When Is The Best Time To Sell?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When you’re ready!

The absolute BEST time to sell a property is when you are ready. This goes without saying since each situation is so different and circumstances can drastically vary. Things such as your previous purchase price, levels of appreciation, interest rates timeline, future goals, personal finances and many other individual factors will play a substantial role in deciding WHEN to sell your property.

The second best time to sell is when inventory is low.

The NEXT BEST time to sell a property is when inventory is low. Put the other factors aside for a moment (interest rates, seasons, news outlets, etc.) and assess the inventory in your area. This is your competition. If the demand for a great home outweighs the supply…INVENTORY IS CONSIDERED LOW. This is one of the most powerful conditions that a seller can undertake when selling their property. This often leads to multiple offers, increased offer prices, and quicker sales. In other words, it helps put the “ball in your court” while negotiating. Right now in Ontario (GTA + Simcoe County) Spring/Summer 2023 we are in a low inventory market.

Whenever you’re feeling outside pressure or fixation from specific factors, revert to Best Time to Sell #1…AKA - WHEN YOU’RE READY. There are always buyers out there, and with a great agent on your side, we will get the deal done! It may take a little extra TLC to prepare and market your home, but it is nothing we can’t handle here at Donnelly Real Estate Group! We’re always prepared for the current market circumstances. We got you.

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