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Why I Decided to Purchase in Simcoe County as a First Time Home Buyer

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

As a first-time homebuyer it is imperative to realize that your real estate journey is in its infancy stage. I often tell my first-time buyers that your first home is not usually your forever home. It is your "skin in the game" of real estate growth and equity.

My husband and I grew up in the Caledon area and unfortunately, like many others, got priced out of our hometown. We wanted to move somewhere that was affordable but growing tremendously in value. We are numbers people, and after looking at the real estate growth rates in Simcoe County, it was an absolute no brainer.

Of course we had to make many visits and look at several properties before making our decision, but each time we visited the area we fell more and more in love with it.

The community, large lots, forestry + wildlife, proximity to Barrie, and of course first-time buyer friendly prices kept us wanting to move and live here for many years to come.

Now that we reside in Simcoe County, I don't see us ever moving out of it! We truly love it here and all that it has to offer.

If you're a first-time buyer, wondering where to start, where to go, and what other options will suit your needs and lifestyle, give me a shout! I'm happy to chat all things real estate.

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